Puerto Galera Philippines

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Rank Puerto Galera Hotels
1 Blue Crystal Beach Resort
2 Aninuan Beach Resort

Lan-Sei  Water Resort

4 Oceana Beach Resort
5 Tropicana
6 Atlantis
7 Cocobeach
8 Marco Vincent
9 Buri Resort
10 Coral Cove
11 El Galleon
12 The Gray Wall
13 Portofino
14 Sea Jewel Resort
15 La Solana
16 White Beach Resort
17 VM Beach Resort
18 Out of the Blue Villas
19 Dolphin Bay Resort
20 Lalaguna Beach Club
21 Villa Sabang
22 Tanawin Bay Resort
23 Puerto Nirvana
24 Big Apple
25 Captain Gregg's Resort Diving
26 Sandbar
27 Garden of Eden
28 Tamaraw Beach Resort
29 Seashore Lodge
30 Sabang Hill
31 Sabang Oasis
32 Franklyn Resort

Agbing Resort

34 Blue Water Lodge
35 Steps and Garden
36 Sunsplash Resort
37 Campbell's Beach Resort



39 Big Lalaguna Resort
40 Scandinavian Resort
41 Angelyn's Resort
42 Dreamwave Hotel
43 Villa Del Car
44 Hollywood Palm Hotel
45 Apartelle de Francesca
46 Lodger's Nook
47 Mindorinne Oriental Resort
48 Orchids Lodge
49 Villa Natividad Resort
50 White Beach Nipa Hut
51 White Coral Garden
52 South of the Border
53 Deep Blue Sea
Barangay Sabang

Barangay Sabang may be considered to include Sabang village as well as Small Lalaguna, Big Lalaguna, and Coco Beach. Barangay Sabang is well-known for its scuba diving opportunities and its nightlife. Over the years many bigger and smaller resorts as well as bars and restaurants have been constructed in Sabang. The beach itself is not that extensive and in Sabang proper can be called modest.  Small Lalaguna and Big Lalaguna are better suited for sunbathing etc.